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What is Hens.org

Hens.org is a new way to sell your products to Hen Parties, whether you organise activities during the day and evening or you're a hotel you can list your product on our new website. We are not a booking agent; we list products on your behalf and link you to customers. We offer a fully managed online quoting system and also a system to manage your hens.org bookings. We also understand that groups are sometimes unable to pay in full, and likewise managing payments as a supplier can be very challenging. Because of this we have linked with freedomltd.com whereby we offer a payment and booking service combined.

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Benefits of using Hens.org

How much will it cost?

15% commission.


Simply follow this link to become a supplier, verify your email address and login for the first time. Enter your details to complete registration before creating your products on our fully functional online system. Enquires will be emailed to you and managed online, along with bookings alike.


Are there any set up fees?
How long does it take to set up?
Depending on how many activities you wish to set up, invest 30 minutes from registering to having your products live!
How many products can I register?
As many as you like, one to 100+.
Who is Hens.org?
Hens.org, stags.org and pampering.org work in conjunction with Freedom Ltd.
Can I stop selling products when I like?
Yes, simply disable the product from our website however you'll need to manage existing bookings and enquiries.
Can I edit my products?
Yes, login and make the amendments you'd like and update.
Do I pay anything if the group does not book?
No, you'll only be charged commission on groups that make a booking.
How do I pay my commission?
Deducted from your invoice.
How do I keep track of enquiries and bookings?
In your supplier login area you'll see a 'booking' and 'enquiry' update which will detail them all in full.
What if I have specific booking terms?
We understand that each supplier will have different booking terms; the customer submits a request for a quote. On reply you can detail the exact cost of that event and any other booking terms. The customer accepts these terms by placing a deposit. The contract is between you and the customer.
When does the customer pay?
You will set two dates 1) the deposit date and 2) the final balance date.
What if I have more than one price?
You are able to detail this on our system which allows the customer to see the different price options i.e. £10 per person or £75 special group price.
Can I speak to a member of the hens.org team to discuss this?
Certainly, we're always around to give you a helping hand, simply email us at support@hens.org and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
I want to appear higher in the activity list, how can I do this?
If you write blogs and receive good reviews we will place you higher in the product list, please get in contact with us for more information (marketing@freedomltd.com) .