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Ideal Cocktails for a Hen Party
24 June 2014
The beauty about Cocktails is the amazing wide range of flavours, strengths, and colours that they offer. From the pink hue of a zesty Cosmopolitan to the white and black contrast of a White Russian these is a Cocktail for everyone, hence they make the perfect refreshments for any Hen Party.
A Hen Party normally has fun as its top priority and hence cocktails like the Woo Woo, Sex on the Beach and Sea Breeze are always a good choice due to their vibrant colours and associations with sun, sand and..ahmm, good times!
As cocktail culture has evolved in the last few years and people have become more and more savvy about their mixed drinks, less common cocktails such as the Amaretto Sour and the Bramble have been making their presence on cocktail menus for Hen Parties. Plus, if you think men only drink Bourbon, think again, as cocktails like the Old Fashioned, which is Bourbon muddled with bitters, have replaced the fruity concoction in a glass, with accompanying umbrella, for many Hen Party events.
People often prefer their cocktails based on the spirit base, so it is a good idea to offer a mix to cover all tastes. For Tequila lovers, serve up a zesty Margarita. For Vodka lovers a glitzy French Martini and for Cachaca lovers you cant go wrong with the national cocktail of Brazil -the Caipirinha.
Some people at your Hen Party might also be fans of one of the many liqueurs now available. For lovers of Baileys Irish Cream, why not add a silky Toberlone Martini to the menu - a concoction of Baileys, Kahlua, Frangelica, Cream, Milk and Honey or for the more hardened party goers, why not serve up a Corpse Reviver, which features the infamous Green Fairy - Absinthe.
Whatever the cocktail always try to use good quality spirits and fresh fruit juice and always make sure you have plenty of ice!!.

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