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11 Reasons for a Private Chef

09 October 2015

Here are eleven (highly serious) reasons you might want to give La Belle Assiette a try.
#1 - Enjoy YOUR choice of music and decor and say goodbye to annoying restaurant playlists and overhearing arguments from the next table.

#2 - Let's face it, you’re not the world’s greatest cook. And no, your guests probably won’t believe that raw chicken is a new food trend.
#3 - You can drink the wine of your choosing without having to remortgage your house.
#4 - Actually hear what your friends are saying, without fighting the roar of a busy restaurant. When you’re asked about your weekend and you respond with a confident "Yes!"... awkward.
#5 - No babysitter fees. Don’t put yourself in the position of having to choose between dessert and your child's welfare. That tiramisu looks too delicious.
#6 - There’s no need to have a designated driver or worry about where you’re going to park. This is your evening, not the parking inspector’s.
#7 - Get some use from all those high-tech gizmos you have crammed into your kitchen that you don’t dare to touch.
#8 - Witness the miracle of a spotless kitchen at 11pm.
#9 - Get tips and tricks directly from the chef. There’s still time to learn how to use a piping bag.
#10 - See incredible dishes prepared right before your eyes. If just looking at a cheese soufflé makes it deflate, your La Belle Assiette chef will show you how it’s done.
#11 - Behold a fridge full of neatly-packed leftovers! Much better than cold pizza for lunch the next day.

Tempted? Browse from over 600 private chefs online at labelleassiette.co.uk, and enjoy the delights of a private chef experience in your own home.

11 Reasons for a Private Chef 09 October 2015